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LMP®: cutting-edge, effective and safe technology

Backed by more than 20 years of research, the Bolloré Group is the only manufacturer that masters solid-state Lithium Metal Polymer technology (LMP®)

Considered as safer than other battery technologies, these fourth-generation batteries present major benefits.

Made of thin films produced using extrusion techniques perfected by the Bolloré Group, LMP® batteries stand out by their high energy density, safety of use, and performances :

  • They are not affected by high external temperatures and do not need any cooling system thus preserving excellent performance with improved reliability

Operating up to more than 105 ° C, they do not present a risk of thermal runaway thus ensuring optimum safety

  • They are solvent-free and contain no “rare earths” so the risks of local pollution are especially limited in the event of an accident or violation of the battery pack integrity.
  • They do not undergo a calendar aging keeping all their capacity along their lifespan
  • They are composed of cells made in France and Canada, without cobalt and nickel, leading to an optimized LCA
7kWh module with our unique and safe LMP® technology to store energy with no cooling system, regardless of the ambient temperature.
  • 7 kWh Module LMP®
  • String LMP®
  • Blue LMP® 250 / 400

LMP® benefits

  • Safety and strength
    • No risk of leakage or off-gassing
    • No risk of thermal runaway, due to effective functioning at temperatures of more than 105 °C
    • More than 300 million kilometres covered by cars and electric buses since 2011, proving their operating safety
    • No risk of fire
  • Insensitive to climate conditions
    • No cooling system is required, leading to enhanced performance, greater reliability and simplified maintenance
    • Simplified transport and storage, even in hot areas, with no effect on the battery's lifespan
  • Strong performance in the long term
    • DC/DC efficiency up to 98%, regardless of the ambient temperature
    • A lifespan of more than 4,000 cycles depending on the appilcation
    • Withstands free floating (100% charge) with no damage to the battery
    • A constant capacity throughout the battery's lifespan
  • Environment-friendly
    • Contains no solvents
    • Cobalt and nickel-free, leading to an optimized LCA
    • Can be recycled and reused due to the use of lithium in metallic form
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