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Bluestorage develops energy storage solutions to address energy transition challenges and provide energy access to all.

Bluestorage offers storage systems integrating Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP®) battery technology and characterised by their safety of use and their performance, regardless of the thermal environment and with no cooling system. They meet the requirements of both off-grid and on-grid energy storage applications.

In addition to supplying batteries to integrators, Bluestorage offers a comprehensive service solution worldwide, including:

  • optimizing the sizing of the solution
  • customising the Energy Management System (EMS),
  • transport and logistics,
  • installation,
  • remote supervision and on-site maintenance, relying on the global presence of the Bolloré Group.

Depending on the application, Bluestorage operates as its customers’ dedicated point of contact and, in conjunction with its partners, offers turnkey solutions combining electricity production, storage and conversion.


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Bluestorage solutions meet the needs of off-grid and on-grid energy storage applications

  • On-grid
    Integration Enr
    Ranging from 250 kWh to several MWh, our storage solutions enable on-grid renewable energy producers to manage intermittent production by smoothing the production curve and shifting energy to peak demand periods.
  • On-grid
    Service System Réseau
    Our large-capacity storage systems provide grid managers with new features offering them more flexibility. These storage systems make it possible to adjust frequencies and voltages, but also to improve the management of overloaded grids even with less investments in infrastructures.
  • Off-grid
    Offgrid Microgrid
    Our solutions provide energy access to off-grid sites through a mini grid powered by renewable energies (wind and solar power), combined with a storage solution.
  • Off-grid
    Canal Olympia 3
    Remote industrial sites can reduce the costs and pollution associated with diesel generators by using our solutions combining renewable energy production and storage.
  • Off-grid
    Ev Charge Station
    Electric cars and buses can benefit from our 100% renewable charging solutions combining solar shade structures and storage solutions.
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