The Bluezone concept

The Bluezone, fully autonomous energy access

Developed by the Bolloré Group, Bluezones have enabled the creation of energy self-sufficient living spaces enhancing the well-being of populations.

A Bluezone is powered by a mini-grid with a solar source of energy producing between 70 and 140 kWp, combined with a Bluestorage storage capacity of 90 to 360 kWh and an LV distribution system.

In particular, a Bluezone offers:

  • 24/7 access to carbon-free energy,
  • Access to drinking water thanks to a filtration system,
  • Internet access via a satellite and Wifi connection.

Concept Bluezone

These new areas encourage the development of economic, cultural and sports activities and offer a range of services intended to improve the well-being of populations, while fostering the acceleration of local development.

  • 9 Bluezones
  • 4 countries
  • 1,8 MWc of photovoltaic panels
  • 2,25 MWh of storage

Nos Solutions

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